Why do you try so hard?

As writers, what can we say? Does what we say matter? Can we truly make a difference in the world through our words? That was my thought for today, and so that first thought led to the urge to write a social commentary.


Best version of you

Why do you
Why do you try?
Try so hard?

Just be
Be yourself
Just love yourself
Love all your curves

Do you know, girl
You are the best
The best version
Best of you

Your hair
Your skin
Your nose
Your eyes

Your waist
Your eyebrows
Your arms and legs
Your curves and valleys

You are the best version
The best version of you
You should love
Love yourself

You don’t need
Don’t need to
Try so very hard
To please others

Because, girl
Don’t you know?
You are the best
Best version of you

An original poem by
Khor Hui Min
14 July 2014


This poem was inspired by the single Try by Grammy Award-winning, singer-songwriter Colbie Caillat. The song was released on her new EP, Gypsy Heart Side A. It makes a strong statement about beauty ideals. Actually, I wrote the poem while I was listening to the song. 🙂  You can see the video and hear the song at LifeBuzz.

Poetic style
This poem was written in the style of a shape poem. A shape poem describes something in prose as well as shape. To find out more about shape poems, visit the Young Writers’ Website.

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