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Darkness, a velvety blanket Silent and ominous Punctuated by cicadas and crickets Slumbering were the boisterous Birds and monkeys Curled up in dreams wondrous Absent was the buzzing of bees Industrious in their collection Of pollen and nectar; flying carefree … Continue reading

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The namer

Here’s a bit of fun with ficton and fantasy. I’ll write the ending soon. 🙂 This short story was written for The Writer’s Tower FB Group, according to August’s theme of NAME. If one were to include the bonus words ‘asylum’ … Continue reading

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This is the fifth poem in my social commentary series. The theme for this poem is unity in diversity. Prejudice and discrimination are concepts which should be relegated to history, as in the past. Let the future hold the promise for … Continue reading

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The Jungle Chant

I don’t write a lot of chants, but today I’d like to share one of favourites, written in 2012 for children. 🙂 The Jungle Chant Deep in the jungle, Animals run free, Caring for nature, Live in harmony. You and … Continue reading

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