Diary of a Quirky Girl, 6.02.2015

My colleague once told me that I should start writing a diary, because my short non-work e-mails made her laugh. I should write the funny stuff down before I forget them, right? 🙂  Okay, I’m flattered that someone said I’m funny. 🙂

So, today I decided to start that diary thing that was first suggested like two years ago. Here it goes…

If you can’t see the words clearly, please click on the image to read it in larger print. I’m experimenting with Adobe Illustrator for this one. I think I have to use an image in portrait next time.

If you just want to read it as a normal blog post, here it is:

Diary of a Quirky Girl

Friday, 6 February 2015

My car’s air-conditioning died 3 days ago. It’s not that I like saunas. I don’t. But the day the air-con died, I went to a car service centre and the foreman said I’d have to pay over RM1,000 to get a new air-con compressor. I imagined flushing the bonus I was going to get three months from now down the toilet. I was speechless, and he gave me his most sympathetic look. Luckily, he asked me to come back the next day, because it was almost closing time.

Nope, this won’t do. It was time to get a second opinion. So, I took Friday afternoon off from work, and went to an automobile air-con service shop not far from home. The whole row of motley car service shops was empty, except for this one. It had like 5 cars and lorries parked all around it, and one shiny red Peugeot parked inside.

At first, the boss ignored me. I thought he couldn’t hear me. After I spoke louder, he told me what I wanted to know – the shop closes at 6pm daily, and yes, he can fix my car before then. So, I hung around. Actually I was standing here and there among the tools and parts strewn all over the blackened oil-soaked cement floor. Then, he finally asked me to start the engine. He popped open the bonnet, and in no time, pronounced that the cooling coil was the culprit. RM400 for an original, he said. Then, more waiting. Sleepy and tired after my auto sauna, I went in and sat on one of the flimsy cheap plastic chairs in front of the one and only desk in the workshop. I was surrounded by compressors and all manner of parts and bits of things.

Then, I don’t know what came over me, but I sat with my left side to the back of the chair, arm over the back. Then I put my head on that arm and went promptly to sleep. What ensued was quite fascinating. Between my bouts of semi-consciousness and total blackness, comparable to a drunken stupor without alcohol, I saw that the boss had started work on my car once I started to snooze. I also noticed through the haze of sleep that the workers and other customers were peering curiously at me. What? Never seen a girl before?

After a while, I moved from the back of the chair to the desk and put my bag on top, then my head on the bag. It was then that the boss came and sat down in front of me.

“Your car’s ready,” he said in his gruff voice. He was smiling, clearly amused.

I said, “Yeah, really?”

He opened the bill book and wrote. His blackened fingers left imprints all over the page. RM230 was his final figure. It wasn’t even the cooling coil. It was just the hose connected to it. I paid up. Wow, what a far cry from RM1,000. I thanked my lucky stars.

I checked the time. It was 4.30 pm. Did I like sleep for half an hour or an hour? Time was kind of fuzzy after I dozed off.



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4 Responses to Diary of a Quirky Girl, 6.02.2015

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    Good job with illustrator 🙂

  2. Kat says:

    Hi Hui Min – I love your writing. It’s simple and yet intriguing to draw a reader like myself to want to read the next post 🙂 Keep it up!

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