Diary of a Quirky Girl, 9.02.2015

When I was in school, my mum gave me a small book of quotes. She used it when she was in school, and she thought I might have some use for it. When she gave it to me, it had already started to turn brown and brittle around the edges, and the binding was starting to come apart.

I did flip the little book open sometimes and look up quotes according to a chosen topic, or just flip to some random page. The book, now more decomposed, is somewhere in one of my book boxes in the store room, but I still remember some of my favourite quotes from its pages.

My favourite of all the quotes is by George Linnaeus Banks:

Quote by G.L. Banks

In fact, I liked the quote so much that I put it on the dedication page of my thesis. I felt it was very meaningful, and personified my outlook in life.

The second quote I liked from the book is short and simple, but profound:

Quote by Oscar Wilde


The quote is true and it shows how one’s outlook significantly affects one’s life. The optimist sees all that is positive and good, while the pessimist wallows in resentment and discontent at all the things that didn’t go his/her way.

You only live this life once. Would you choose to be happy or unhappy all the time? I choose the former option. What about you?


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