Under the Orange Tree

While browsing through blog posts on WordPress.com one day, I found a blog called A Writer’s Path. The site has regular writing prompts, and I found one I liked – ORANGE TREE. Well, it has to do with a tree for starters, and I like plants. 🙂

The poem tells the fictitious story of a less-than-picture-perfect life of a girl. She blossoms into a woman, falls in love, gets married, but ultimately parts from her partner. However, she finds happiness in her family of three children, her dog and nature. To accompany the poem, I have also done a simple illustration with my coloured pencils and Artline 210 pen.

Under the Orange Tree

Under the Orange Tree

Under the orange tree
I would spend my time
In the woods; blissfully free
Simple pleasures enjoyed; sublime

Lying under the orange tree
I craved for naught, but the breeze
Unshackled youth; carefree
Until pollen made me sneeze

Under the orange tree
Was the first time I saw you
With your friends, filled with glee
The sight of you moved me; the feeling grew

Under the orange tree; in the moonlight
Was the first time I kissed you
Encircled by fireflies; shining bright
The beginning of something new

Under the orange tree
Strewn with autumn leaves
We parted ways; to the humming of bees
You moved on; I was left to grieve

Under the orange tree
Years later; in the blossoming spring
Surrounded by loved ones; three
Children grown up; now I’m free

Under the orange tree
Reminiscing happy memories; smiling thoughtfully
With beloved dog at my knee
Gladness once again; painting artfully

An original poem by
Khor Hui Min
27 February 2015

6 thoughts on “Under the Orange Tree

  1. Such a beautiful poem, Hui Min 🙂 Btw, are you going for the Malaysian Writers Teh Tarik session on 8th March? I’m going, will be my first session with the group..

    1. Hi, Kat. Thanks for the encouraging words. Yes, I’ll be going for the Malaysian Writers gathering on 8th March. It will be my first session with the group too. See you there. 🙂

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