Under the Orange Tree

While browsing through blog posts on WordPress.com one day, I found a blog called A Writer’s Path. The site has regular writing prompts, and I found one I liked – ORANGE TREE. Well, it has to do with a tree for starters, and I like plants. 🙂

The poem tells the fictitious story of a less-than-picture-perfect life of a girl. She blossoms into a woman, falls in love, gets married, but ultimately parts from her partner. However, she finds happiness in her family of three children, her dog and nature. To accompany the poem, I have also done a simple illustration with my coloured pencils and Artline 210 pen.

Under the Orange Tree

Under the Orange Tree

Under the orange tree
I would spend my time
In the woods; blissfully free
Simple pleasures enjoyed; sublime

Lying under the orange tree
I craved for naught, but the breeze
Unshackled youth; carefree
Until pollen made me sneeze

Under the orange tree
Was the first time I saw you
With your friends, filled with glee
The sight of you moved me; the feeling grew

Under the orange tree; in the moonlight
Was the first time I kissed you
Encircled by fireflies; shining bright
The beginning of something new

Under the orange tree
Strewn with autumn leaves
We parted ways; to the humming of bees
You moved on; I was left to grieve

Under the orange tree
Years later; in the blossoming spring
Surrounded by loved ones; three
Children grown up; now I’m free

Under the orange tree
Reminiscing happy memories; smiling thoughtfully
With beloved dog at my knee
Gladness once again; painting artfully

An original poem by
Khor Hui Min
27 February 2015


About khorhmin

Writer & Content Creator. Blogger. Poet. Facepainter. Potter. Photographer. Shutterstock contributor. 123RF contributor. You can follow me @MinKhor.
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6 Responses to Under the Orange Tree

  1. Srishti says:

    Beautiful poem and artwork. You are really talented. 🙂

  2. Kat says:

    Such a beautiful poem, Hui Min 🙂 Btw, are you going for the Malaysian Writers Teh Tarik session on 8th March? I’m going, will be my first session with the group..

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