Source & Thought

This week started off with a bang. It was a super-long weekend which I was really looking forward to. Friday was 1st of May, Labour Day, and hence a holiday. Sunday, 3rd of May was Wesak Day, and Monday became a replacement holiday. So we had a 4-day weekend. It doesn’t get any better than that. My parents, brother and I took a road trip down south to attend my cousin’s wedding dinner on Saturday, 2nd of May. On 1st of May, my family started off from Ipoh at 5 am in the morning, and dropped by the Klang Valley to pick me up at 8.30 am. Except my alarm clock showed 7.30 am instead of 8.30 am. That was cause for alarm for all concerned, and a very good reason to buy a new alarm clock! Normally, a drive from the Klang Valley to Johor state, then a crossover to Singapore via the causeway, would take approximately 4 hours in normal traffic conditions. But since it was a super peak holiday period, it took us 8 hours! However, most importantly, we did arrive in Singapore, and we did get to attend the wedding dinner and have a reunion with all our relatives down south. We even managed to squeeze in a short visit of a few hours to the Gardens by the Bay, an awesome place I’d like to visit again soon.

The icons of Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

The icons of Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Now, let’s get on with the topic for this post, which is this week’s Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge #43. The word prompts are ‘source’ and ‘thought’. I thought the two words went together very well, an excellent pairing, and the haiku was conceptualised smoothly.

Source & Thought

Where does it begin?
Source of thought, a mystery
Creativity’s spring


An original haiku by
Khor Hui Min
5 May 2015

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Writer & Content Creator. Blogger. Poet. Facepainter. Potter. Photographer. Shutterstock contributor. 123RF contributor. You can follow me @MinKhor.
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9 Responses to Source & Thought

  1. You had a very full weekend! That garden looks amazing. I visited Singapore 20 years ago, just for a week. What an extraordinary place of contrasts. I remember the airport was festooned with orchids, an amazing welcome, particularly as I had travelled from Kathmandu. Great Haiku!

  2. Your Haiku is what I was thinking when I looked at the photo…where did they even begin? Just lovely photo and Haiku combo. And I always love a bit extra beyond the Haiku, so thanks for sharing your long weekend experience as well. Melissa

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  4. Ahhh. Four day weekends are awesome! That’s a great picture. Where does our creative spark come from? Food for thought. Nice haiku––made me think. 🙂

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