Love’s Conundrum

Life’s been busy lately. A lot has happened. A lot to be taken in. All at once. But life goes on. So here’s a new poem, because I love writing poems and I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

This one’s for the Malaysian Writer’s FB group. There’s a poetry prompt every Wednesday, and I look forward to it. The word for this week is ‘love’.

Autumn in Mt. Meili National Park (October 2013)
Autumn in Mt. Meili National Park, Shangri-La, Yunnan Province, China (October 2013)

Love’s Conundrum

Love’s lost; Love’s gained
Doesn’t it drive one insane

Why is it that humans seek
Love in every cranny; both strong and meek

Why can’t we be left on the shelves
Existing wholly by ourselves

Why can’t the clock stop ticking
Let us smell the roses and enjoy living

Why can’t we set up house alone
With gardens, cats, Internet and phone

Why must pesky relatives ask
When’s your turn? Best get on the task

Pesky relatives leave; be gone!
Mind your brood; your day here is done

No love’s been lost; no love’s been gained
Let’s love ourselves today; no time to be pained


Khor Hui Min
2 July 2015


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