Today is the first day of the Malaysian Writers FB group’s first-ever writing retreat. We were super excited when Tan Sri Navaratnam graciously let us use his Nava’s Retreat for our programme. We hope to make our writers retreat an annual or biannual affair.

The first piece I wrote this morning was inspired by the rainforest all around us. It is aptly entitled ‘Rainforest’.



Undulating hills and valleys of green
Many millions of seasons have you been
Blanketing the earth with your soothing shade
Without which many would wither and fade
Provider of nourishment and shelter
Protector of many; they all matter
With your generous grace, we have survived
Conquered, diversified, flourished and thrived
With sincere hope, your mist-shrouded glory
Will survive for millions more years, surely

Khor Hui Min
23 August 2015

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