Haiku Horizons has a weekly haiku challenge, where one word is provided, and we have to make sense of it. This week’s word prompt is ‘between’. I thought of something positive to start off the day with.  🙂


In perpetual flux
Between sunrise and sunset
Boundless potential

Khor Hui Min
29 September 2015

Tide & Flesh

RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #64 Tide&Flesh

This week’s haiku challenge words are ‘tide’ and ‘flesh’. I’d prefer tide and fresh, but the challenge is to find a common ground to bridge the two words. 😉  So, this week’s haiku talks about the wavering human stand – imperfect and indecisive. It talks about sticking to one’s values.

Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge

Tide & Flesh

Like the endless tides
The weaknesses of the flesh
Always wavering

Khor Hui Min
29 September 2015

3 poems published in EASTLIT Aug 2015 :D

Since I have started this blog in July 2014, I have written many poems, at least one a week. I am pleased that I have accomplished the first reason for setting up this blog, which is to encourage myself to write regularly. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by to read some of my writing and showing your support. I really appreciate it.

Besides sharing my passion for writing with all of you, I have also submitted my poems and short stories to be considered for publication in various magazines, journals and anthologies.

I was delighted when EASTLIT – the Journal of English Literature, East and South East Asia, selected three of my poems to be included in the August 2015 issue.

Eastlit August 2015 Cover. Picture: Hibakusha by Annie Ridd. Cover design by Graham Lawrence. Copyright photographer, Eastlit and Graham Lawrence.

The three poems selected were Random Kindness, Beauty and Fond Memories. I’ve copied them from the journal and shared them with you below.

Random Kindness & Other Poems

                                                     by Khor Hui Min

Random Kindness

Over distances, time and space
Vivid memory of your face
As if we only met last night
In the dim glow of the street lights
Luminous eyes reached out through rain
As if you felt the loss and pain
The comfort of your umbrella
A faint hint of sweet vanilla
Stranger’s random act of kindness
Restored my faith in selflessness


Beautiful are its feathers
Immaculately preened
As if nothing matters
Other than vanity mean

Powdered beaks – matted shine
Curled lashes – softly fluttering
To melt any heart, to be mine
Mere illusory; demurring

Divine angel or chimera?
Will you be but mine
Caught in your blinding aura
Helpless; your clutches bind

Fond Memories

Collated in faded dusty albums
Countless fond memories of days past
Photographs of us, dad and mum

Thick album pages, made to last
Images of family for years beyond
Hold them safe and fast

Showing kindred spirits; ties and bonds
Yellowing photos in yellowing pages
For gazing, with recollections fond

From thence we grew through the ages
As our parents grew old and grey
The passage of time winds through its pages

Blood flows thicker than water, day by day
Forget not this saying, come what may

I hope you like my poems and continue to visit my blog.

Thank you! 😀

Floating in the Sea

I’ve always loved water. So, I naturally love the sea and all its mystical and magical qualities. Our cradle of life, it teems with biological diversity from the shallows to the cavernous abyss. Its mysteries continue to amaze and confound us till this day.

This week’s Haiku Horizon’s word prompt is ‘float’, so I thought about floating in the sea, which is something I like to do on a sunny day when the sea is calm.


Floating in the sea

Floating in the sea
Eavesdropping on sea creatures
Warm sun on my face

Khor Hui Min
7 September 2015

Bridge & Move

RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #60 Bridge&Move

After a hiatus of a few weeks, I’m back to writing haikus for RonovanWrites. I rather miss participating in these challenges. 🙂 For Week 60, the prompt words are ‘bridge’ and ‘move’.

Rocky beach in front of Ximen Arch. A white Chinese bridge gleams in the sunshine. Photo taken on 12 March 2015.
Rocky beach in front of Ximen Arch. A white Chinese bridge gleams in the sunshine. Photo taken on 12 March 2015.

Bridge & Move

Let’s bridge the divide
Move to mend our differences
Love diversity

Khor Hui Min
6 September 2015