Floating in the Sea

I’ve always loved water. So, I naturally love the sea and all its mystical and magical qualities. Our cradle of life, it teems with biological diversity from the shallows to the cavernous abyss. Its mysteries continue to amaze and confound us till this day.

This week’s Haiku Horizon’s word prompt is ‘float’, so I thought about floating in the sea, which is something I like to do on a sunny day when the sea is calm.


Floating in the sea

Floating in the sea
Eavesdropping on sea creatures
Warm sun on my face

Khor Hui Min
7 September 2015


18 thoughts on “Floating in the Sea

      1. Your sea must be warmer than ours.

        No relaxed floating here except via haiku. 😉

        We live on a cold water shore. The Pacific Ocean is in the upper 50’s (F) here even at the end of our extra-warm summer. Wet suits are still required.

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