‘Under the Orange Tree’ was published in The Hourglass

January 2016 was a wonderful month for me, publication-wise. Besides a short story of mine getting published in AnakSastra.com, a poem of mine, entitled ‘Under the Orange Tree‘, which I wrote on 27 February 2015, was published in the The Hourglass (Issue 1).

Edited by April Mae M. Berza, the inaugural issue of The Hourglass promotes the creative works of emerging and HourGlassMag_Issue1.pngestablished writers from different parts of the world. The writers featured in this issue are Stephen Godfrey, Nicolet WW, Sidney Bravo, Khor Hui Min, Strider Marcus Jones, Gregory Terrance Crockatt, Robin Crane, Sunil Sharma, Nick Boreham, Michael Verderber, Jim Newcombe, Nilankana Das, Wanda Morrow Clevenger, Anjana Basu, Jessica Evans, PW Covington, P.J. Reed, Joan McNerney, Mandeep Kaur Heer, Bruce Colbert, Kushal Poddar, and Ceri Naz.

Some of the proceeds from the sale of the magazine will go to the schooling of underprivileged children in the Philippines. Virlanie Foundation Philippines was chosen to receive the proceeds. Established in 1992 by Dominique Lemay, a French social worker, with the help of his Filipino friends, Virlanie Foundation Philippines cares for children in need of special protection – those who are among the poorest of the poor, the abandoned, abused, exploited, neglected, and orphaned. Some of the proceeds will also be donated to a family support group in Philippine General Hospital.  Books are donated to the patients every Christmas.

You can purchase a copy of the print magazine by clicking here.




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7 Responses to ‘Under the Orange Tree’ was published in The Hourglass

  1. A beautiful poem and illustration. Congratulations!

  2. Kat says:

    I read your poem again – I really love it. Congrats, once again!

    • khorhmin says:

      Thanks. People think that kids should grow up, get married, have children and live happily ever after together, but sometimes life doesn’t turn out that way. Every person’s path is different, and they should be allowed to live their lives free from status quos and stereotypes.

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