#atozchallenge: Freedom

F for Freedom

Today, I would like to share a poem I wrote about freedom. Freedom means different things to different people. To some, it is being safe to walk and travel anywhere they please. To others, it is the absence of tyranny, and also the right to freedom of speech.

There are unfortunate situations when bullies come into power, and take away the freedom of the masses. They take advantage of their position to gain material wealth and other benefits at the expense of others. History shows that when this happens, the oppressed will one day rise up to dethrone the oppressor. However, when the oppressor is finally removed, and the leadership position is then vacated, will that enable another individual of a similar mindset to fill the position? Would that lead down the same road again, or would there be a worst outcome? How can we be sure that there are safeguards put in place to prevent the occurrences of oppression and tyranny? That is something to think about for today…


What is Freedom?

What to you is freedom?
Being born to be free?
Eternal singledom?
Free to be you and me?

What is it do you seek?
Does it mean we can speak
Speak up for the weak
The downtrodden and meek

Does freedom mean being tough
On those who once bullied
The right to be rough
On tyrants, now sullied

Is it right to deny
Others their freedom?
It is right to defy
Rulers of the kingdom?

To be free; without chains
Permits not tyranny
Greed damages and maims
The biggest irony

Khor Hui Min
15 April 2016



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Writer & Content Creator. Blogger. Poet. Facepainter. Potter. Photographer. Shutterstock contributor. 123RF contributor. You can follow me @MinKhor.
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