#atozchallenge: Hot air balloons

There is a Hot Air Balloon Festival in Putrajaya every year, where hot air balloons from all over the world converge to mingle and show off to visitors in one central location. The event is called the Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, and 2016 marks its eight year.

The balloons were inflated twice daily – first at 7am and then again at 6pm. Besides viewing the many balloons on show, visitors lined up to buy tickets for the tethered balloon rides as well. There was also something called ‘cold inflation’, where visitors were given the opportunity to explore inside the balloons.

After sunset, the event called the ‘Night Glow‘ began. I was pleasantly surprised the first time I saw it. The pilots ignited their burners to light up the hot air balloons against the backdrop of the black of night. The launching area was transformed by the blinking psychedelic ‘giant light bulbs’, all synchronised to the sound of music. From afar, they might have resembled monstrous fireflies. 😉 The night finally ended with a bang, with a fantastic fireworks display.

Here are some photos I took at the 2nd International Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2010, on Saturday, 20 March 2010, between 6pm and 9.30pm. Click on the Flickr slide show to see them all.

Night Glow: Balloon from Germany (on right)


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2 Responses to #atozchallenge: Hot air balloons

  1. Sounds like a very lovely festival.

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