#atozchallenge: Seen Hock Yeen Confucius Temple, Chemor

Hidden in the quiet town of Chemor, Perak is a gem of a temple. Set up by a schoolteacher, the Confucius Temple of Seen Hock Yeen is well-known for bringing luck to students who are going to sit for exams. However, it is also a place for one to dispel bad luck in other areas of life, as well as to make wishes.


The entrance seems commonplace among temples, until you go into the temple grounds hidden inside. The pond, bridges and temple buildings all come together to create a most serene and beautiful landscape.


I would like to point out that this is the only temple where my photos turned out more beautiful than the view that my eyes feasted upon, and that is unusual indeed.


First-time visitors should come to the temple on either Friday, Saturday or Sunday, because that is when the tour groups from Perak, Selangor, and even as far north as Kedah and Perlis come to visit the blessed temple. When the tour groups visit, there will be guided tours led by the temple volunteers, with detailed explanations provided about the temple’s history.


If you are in luck, as we were, the founder of the temple herself will provide the opening introduction about the temple’s background and lead the first prayers for your personal well-being and that of your loved ones as well.


Visitors will be led to each deity or temple building, and guided on how to perform their prayers or share their wishes with their favourite deity, step by step. Confucius, being a famous sage who was highly respected in China, has been elevated to the status of a prominent deity here. Visitors also pay homage to the Goddess of Mercy and Buddha.


Goddess of Mercy

At one point, there is a bridge to cross to dispel calamities, where one must remain quiet, and only look to the left. Of course, one should not look back or turn around too!


The special bridge

The temple also collects donations for the needy all year around, especially single mothers who have to take care of their young children. This was the first temple I have come across that focused on helping single mothers, which is very good of the founder and volunteers.

The twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac are also featured here, in the form of twelve golden statues, and people were encouraged to pet their corresponding Zodiac animal, from head to tail, for good luck. 😉

There was even a bunch of cute little puppies, and the children were delighted to see them.


The highlight of the visit to the temple was the sudden appearance of a pretty rainbow near the pond, and I had the good fortune of taking multiple photos of it. In the warm light of the period before sunset, it was the most lovely view I have seen in Malaysia in 2016. 😀


The rainbow we saw right before leaving the temple

How to get there (according to Blog with Yan)
Coming from Penang:
  1. After passing through the Kuala Kangsar and Changkat Jering tunnel, you will come to the former Jelapang toll gate.
  2. Here, turn left towards Chemor.
  3. Go straight for about 10 km until you reach Chemor town.
  4. Turn left and drive for about 0.5 km until you come to the first traffic light.
  5. Turn left. When you reach the KTM overhead bridge, immediately turn left after the KTM overhead bridge.
  6. Go straight for about 3 km. You will see the temple on your right.

Coming from Ipoh: 

  1. Heading to Sg Siput, when you reach Chemor town, turn right when you see a railway bridge in front of you.
  2. Drive for about 2 km.

The address
Kuil Seen Hock Yeen
1 1/2 km, Railway Station Road,
Kampung Cik Zainal Tambahan 1,
31200 Chemor,
Perak, Malaysia


The sunset we witnessed right before boarding our tour bus to depart for dinner

I think the temple is a lovely place, and I will be back! 🙂

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  1. Jackson Au says:

    Thank you very much for your wonderful writing about this beautiful temple and the very beautiful photos of this temple.

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