#atozchallenge: Up, up and away! If Walls Could Talk 1st Anniversary

The average person thinks that poetry is boring, and they also think that only poets think that poetry is interesting. I think this is no longer true in the modern age.

Perhaps in the past, poetry was the domain of the educated, literate people, who were few in the old days. With the improvements in education and the increase in literacy rates worldwide over the past few decades, poetry and prose have become much more accessible to the regular joe.

Then, there are poetry movements that bring poetry to the young, and make it accessible and approachable. Now, there are even poetry open mics (one might compare them to comedy open mic style) and poetry slams. Yes, everything is possible now. 😉

If you are curious and want to know more, you can check out If Walls Could Talk – Poetry Open Mic, which just celebrated their first anniversary last week. Incidentally, they are organising their first Poetry Slam on 25 June 2016, from 6pm to 8pm, at BlackBox, Publika. So, check out their Facebook page to find out more!


Retro microphone on stage
Retro microphone on stage in restaurant. Blurred background. Source: http://7-themes.com/6905520-retro-microphone.html


I wrote a poem in conjunction with the first anniversary of If Walls Could Talk. Hope you like it. 😀

If Walls Could Talk

If walls could talk
They would sing songs
Of joy and rejoicing
They would cry songs
Of sadness and pain

If walls could talk
They would tell tales
Of people squished against walls
And squashed against each other
Huddled in groups on the floor

If walls could talk
They would laugh at the time
The people couldn’t get
Through the door anymore
Snaking all the way down the stairs

If walls could talk
They would whisper about the time
The man in white came
With long white beard
And talented guitarist son

If walls could talk
They would wonder aloud
At all the poets and poet-wannabes
And all the poetry lovers
Who would come all the way

If walls could talk
They would talk about
All the different types of poets
Quiet and loud; serious and funny
Reserved and boisterous

If walls could talk
They would talk about the night
Gaslight Café was the most
Happening place
In Damansara Heights

Khor Hui Min
10 June 2016

Read another article I wrote about the If Walls Could Talk First Anniversary:
Thursday poetry reading with A. Samad Said






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