On the Back of a Motorbike

I’m excited to announce that a new Southeast Asian anthology entitled On the Back of a Motorbike will be out of the printing press soon. As you might have guessed already, all the stories and poems in the book are supposed to contain the phrase ‘on the back of a motorbike’.

My poem The Vendors is featured in the book. 😀  The Vendors is about my fond childhood memories of vendors selling food, such as the bread man, ice cream man, etc. going from residential area to residential area. If you are wondering – yes, it certainly has that phrase in it. 😉

The cover looks like this:

You know, I’ve seen quite a number of people sporting T-shirts with the slogan ‘Same Same But Different’ over the years. 😉


On the Back of a Motorbike is in the process of printing, and the electronic version will be uploaded in a few days’ time. I’ll share the link when it is available. So, keep an eye on this page for updates.  🙂

The book is published by Literary Concept, which is helmed by Kris Williamson. Click here to visit their Facebook page.




Get up with the lark

For RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #117, the word prompts were ‘lark’ and ‘rush’. These words made me think about my new routine of going to sleep before midnight (10.30pm to 11.30pm to be exact), so that I could get up early in the morning to make tea or coffee, and a healthy breakfast. Today, I started the day with nice hot cinnamon tea to wake up the digestive system, followed by a bowl of natural unsweetened yogurt with banana, raw almonds, raw walnuts and chia seeds. All in time to go to work at 7.00am. So getting up early with the lark is good, indeed.

Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Get up with the lark

Get up with the lark
Enjoy the sunrise; brew tea
Take your time; don’t rush

Khor Hui Min
4 Oct 2016