When did we meet?

In mid-January 2017, I attended a week-long self-discovery, life transformation and success in life programme – the first of this kind of programme I have ever attended. One year ago, I would not have entertained the idea of joining such a programme, but in December 2016, I decided to take a leap of faith. I thought – I should try something new, something different. Maybe it will be good for me.

So, I signed up for Awaken the Divine You, conducted by Master Umesh, the founder of The Golden Space (Malaysia). I like the universal and non-religious concept of  the programme and the centre, where people from all walks of life are welcome, regardless of background, ethnicity and beliefs. It was different and interesting, and definitely beneficial. I felt that I have grown and improved on Hui Min version 1.0. Perhaps Hui Min 2.0 should be in the works? 😉 So would I recommend other people to take the same  leap of faith? Well, yes! Why not? Never try, never know.

After the programme, I wrote a poem entitled ‘When did we meet?‘ Hope you enjoy reading it. 🙂


When did we meet?

When you walked past
Busy going about your lives
When did you stop to think last
Why the man leaning against the wall
Looked familiar, in a city so vast?

Jostling for space, shoulder to shoulder
In buses and trains, living life at a frantic pace
Did you wonder about the woman sitting yonder
Where did you see her last?
Was she from your school, did you ever ponder?

Busy about our lives; having time for nothing
To the point of eclipsing all else
What is that something that is missing?
The elusive feeling that you just can’t describe
That makes you lie awake at night thinking

Perhaps he was a brother’s long lost friend
Out of sight, out of mind?
Perhaps she was really an old school friend
Hidden somewhere in the recesses of memory
So busy in this city; till we’ve forgotten our friends?

Maybe he was a brother in a past life
Many millennia ago
Maybe she was a sister lifetimes past, or a wife
Although of different colours and beliefs
Our destinies are inextricably interwoven in life

Khor Hui Min
1 Feb 2017