#atozchallenge: One day at the market

Happy Labour Day! 🙂

This morning, I engaged in a bit of street photography at the SPPK Market in Ipoh. I did a walkabout and snapped photos fast to capture the essence of the moment in the peak hours of the market’s operations, which was a bit hard to do because my bulky camera was sort of obvious and people tend to notice it.

My favourite stall of the day was the dumpling stall, because the dumplings were photogenic. 😉

Dumpling stall
The dumplings were made fresh at the stall, with sengkuang filling
Dumplings with sengkuang filling, waiting to be steamed

Here are some snapshots from the other market stalls:

Cake stall
Noodle stall
Glutinous rice dumpling and nyonya kuih stall
Potato stall
Fruit stall
Vegetable stall
Stall selling dried condiments and other dried foodstuff
Vegetable stall
Stall selling buns and snacks
Fruit stall
Three types of mangoes
Beancurd stall
Dried seafood stall, selling dried anchovies and cuttlefish
Vegetable stall
Lady selling fishballs right outside the market entrance
Man promoting a kitchen appliance – a sort of chopper device
At a stall selling floor mats outside the market
At a vegetable stall
At a fish stall. The man asked me why I did not take his photo. 😉
IMG_0474a At a plant stall outside the market


#ThreeWordWednesday: Island Interlude

This week, I stumbled across an interesting website that offered a three-word writing prompt every Wednesday. It is aptly called the Three Word Wednesday. I wrote a poem entitled ‘Island Interlude’ for 3WW Week No.456, which offers the word prompts ‘lackadaisical’, ‘makeshift’ and ‘nude’.

My poem is about the build-up to the Penang Bridge International Marathon 2015, which was held on 22 November 2015. It was my first run out of the Klang Valley. Travelling with a bunch of veteran marathoners to Penang, the Pearl of the Orient, and back was fun. I learnt a lot listening to stories about their adventures. 🙂

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2015: Waiting at the start line for the flag-off for the 10km women’s run at 7am.


Island Interlude

The bridge is jammed up; weekend’s here
Holidaymakers throng the streets
Bringing an air of festive cheer
The run at Queensbay tomorrow
Footsteps of thousands we will hear
White makeshift canopies and tents
Reflecting the heat from skies clear
The fairgrounds await happy crowds
While lackadaisical youths peer
At the preparations on site
And gawk at ladies with veneers
Powdered with Urban Decay nudes
Party plans move on in full gear
We wait in anticipation
It’ll be the event of the year

Khor Hui Min
8 December 2015

Georgetown on Monday morning, 23 November 2015. Photo taken from an overhead pedestrian crossing. Georgetown is the capital of Penang state.


About the Penang Bridge International Marathon 2015

Since its inception in 1986, the Penang Bridge International Marathon has gained popularity not only in its home country of Malaysia, but attracted participants from Asia and beyond. Over 28,000 runners signed up for the 2015 marathon.  Organized by the Penang State Tourism Development office and supported by the State Government of Penang, the marathon is held annually on the iconic Penang Bridge, which connects the island of Penang to Peninsular Malaysia.