#BeWoW – Diary of a Quirky Girl, 7.04.2015 – First 10 km Run

Today, I decided to kill two birds with one stone. I combined my write-up for #BeWoW and the Blogging A to Z Challenge. #BeWoW stands for Be Wonderful on Wednesday. It is a blogging community initiative to share positivity with others.


Here’s the version I made with Adobe Illustrator. Please click on the image to see a larger version with larger font.

Diary of a Quirky Girl, 7.04.2015

For those who prefer to read the text as a plain blog post, here it is:

Diary of a Quirky Girl, 7.04.2015

First 10 km Run

Some people sign up for 10 km on their very first run. But I took my time. I signed up for quite a number of 5 km runs. Then a 7 km run. After about 6 months, I finally signed up for my first 10 km. It was the KL City Day Run 2015, held on 8 February 2015. It had rained the night before and large puddles were everywhere, but the weather was good on the morning of the run.

The run started at Padang Merbok and took me past the National Bank, then to the hilly roads of Bukit Tunku. It was an exclusive neighbourhood full of stately white colonial bungalows and newly-built modern and contemporary bungalows, co-existing side by side. Some of these roads were scenic but steep! I found the views highly interesting. So much so that at one point, I tripped and fell because I was admiring a house with guards and guard dogs outside. 😉  I think that was between 6 km and 8 km into the run. I only grazed one knee though, because I landed on my hands, which held my body off the ground. I had to put one knee down because the momentum kept propelling me forward. If you can believe it, I learnt how to fall like this in a yoga class. 🙂  A lady who ran passed me said I should get medical attention from St. John’s ambulance volunteers in front. And lo and behold, they were really in front – about 10 m to 20 m ahead of me. So, I went over to them and showed them my knee. One nice volunteer applied antiseptic solution on it, while I was standing. I did not bother to sit down because I still wanted to continue the run. I told them I tripped because I was admiring the scenery. They all laughed. Who joins a run to admire the scenery, right?

Then, between 8 km and 9 km, I saw some white flowers blooming on the young trees beside the road and decided to pluck a bunch. To me, they had a subtle, light perfume, and I sniffed at them all the way to the finish line.

It was great to get my first 10 km finisher medal. A wonderful day indeed. I was worried because I did not have time to train for it, but my worries were unfounded, because I could still run across the finishing line.

There were many stalls populated by sponsors at the event venue. I visited the stalls out of curiosity. Then I suddenly heard a woman’s voice calling, “Miss… Miss…” Who would be calling me? But it got louder, so I turned around. A kindly malay lady offered me a can of malt drink from her goodie bag. She said it was not her kind of thing. So, now I had two cans. LOL. A good day indeed! I went home happy as a lark. 🙂

The medal I earned for my first 10 km run :)
The medal I earned for my first 10 km run and the white flowers I was talking about 🙂

#BeWoW – Diary of a Quirky Girl, 4.03.2015

OK, this is the first time I’m participating in the #BeWow blogshare started by RonovanWrites. BeWoW stands for Be Wonderful on Wednesday. The idea is to post something nice or wonderful on Wednesdays to brighten up someone’s day. It could be a  wonderful experience, a fond memory, something inspirational or motivational, etc.

Today, I’d like to add my third instalment of my experimental diary writing as part of the #BeWoW blogshare. 🙂

Diary of a Quirky Girl, 4.03.2015

Here’s the blog post in plain text, in case you don’t like reading it in the coloured background above:

Wednesday, 4.03.2015

Exercise was never my kind of thing when I was young. I was an awkward kid who twisted both ankles fairly regularly, so much so that my ankles finally built resistance to getting twisted. Nowadays, after I trip and fall, or just twist an ankle, I can just get up, shake the seemingly hurt ankle, do my weird kicking motion, and it’ll be just fine.

In Form 4, an English teacher told me nonchalantly that I was a late bloomer. Thinking back, I had the amusing thought that this probably encompassed my interest in the unrelated topic of exercise as well. My interest started at 30, when I registered for my first yoga class on 26 September 2006. I think discovering yoga was almost like falling in love. It was something that fascinated me; I see it in magazines, on TV and on websites. I’ve wanted to try it for ages, but never did. Of course, the first few weeks could only be described as the most daunting physical challenge of my life. I could not fathom tying myself into knots, standing on my head, or doing the handstand. Some days, I would just feel exhausted, but on other days, I felt queasy. It was all I could do to keep from puking towards the end of class. But I kept at it, and little by little, my body stopped fighting it and accepted the practice. After that, it felt good and energizing. In relaxing classes with breathing exercises, stretching and meditation, I would emerge totally calm and relaxed. It’s something great I look forward to at the end of a tiring work day. It’s been eight years and counting, and my interest in yoga has continued unabated. Although I can never accomplish some of the anti-gravity and mind-boggling poses, I am satisfied knowing that the practice has contributed to a happier and healthier me.

Then, I developed an interest in walkathons. I signed up for the 7-km Kordel’s Walk for Healthy Joints in 2011 and never looked back since. I signed up for all manner of walkathons – the usual distances were 3 km, 5km and 7km. Of course, as with a new physical challenge, it was hard the first few years, but I got progressively better at it.

The ultimate challenge arrived on the day I decided to join a run. I’ll admit that I hated running. I had the fear that I would fall and hurt myself, as in my school days. But sign up, I did. The first run I signed up for was the famous Energizer Night Race 2014, 7 months ago, in August 2014. The first thing that attracted me was the free headlamp. Ha-ha… Yes, I was enticed to join a run by a headlamp. I laugh at the memory till this day. I practised for it for a few weeks, walking and jogging from 3 km to 5 km in the evenings. Since it was my first race, and I was certain that I was in no danger of winning anything, I decided to sign up for the shortest distance (5 km) and do my best to not finish last. It turned out to be extremely challenging and exciting. In its 4th year, the run attracted 15,000 participants and we lit up the night with my little headlamps. No, I’m not embarrassed to admit that I walk and jog. It’s a race, but that doesn’t mean we need to run the whole way. My objective is to live an active and healthy lifestyle, and so far, it’s been great. At 37, I overcame my fear of running and falling flat on my face, and did not finish last. Hurray! 😀

Diary of a Quirky Girl, 9.02.2015

When I was in school, my mum gave me a small book of quotes. She used it when she was in school, and she thought I might have some use for it. When she gave it to me, it had already started to turn brown and brittle around the edges, and the binding was starting to come apart.

I did flip the little book open sometimes and look up quotes according to a chosen topic, or just flip to some random page. The book, now more decomposed, is somewhere in one of my book boxes in the store room, but I still remember some of my favourite quotes from its pages.

My favourite of all the quotes is by George Linnaeus Banks:

Quote by G.L. Banks

In fact, I liked the quote so much that I put it on the dedication page of my thesis. I felt it was very meaningful, and personified my outlook in life.

The second quote I liked from the book is short and simple, but profound:

Quote by Oscar Wilde


The quote is true and it shows how one’s outlook significantly affects one’s life. The optimist sees all that is positive and good, while the pessimist wallows in resentment and discontent at all the things that didn’t go his/her way.

You only live this life once. Would you choose to be happy or unhappy all the time? I choose the former option. What about you?


Diary of a Quirky Girl, 6.02.2015

My colleague once told me that I should start writing a diary, because my short non-work e-mails made her laugh. I should write the funny stuff down before I forget them, right? 🙂  Okay, I’m flattered that someone said I’m funny. 🙂

So, today I decided to start that diary thing that was first suggested like two years ago. Here it goes…

If you can’t see the words clearly, please click on the image to read it in larger print. I’m experimenting with Adobe Illustrator for this one. I think I have to use an image in portrait next time.

The lovely background image is from http://www.bloggang.com/viewblog.php?id=lovelovelovely&group=26
The lovely background image is from http://www.bloggang.com/viewblog.php?id=lovelovelovely&group=26

If you just want to read it as a normal blog post, here it is:

Diary of a Quirky Girl

Friday, 6 February 2015

My car’s air-conditioning died 3 days ago. It’s not that I like saunas. I don’t. But the day the air-con died, I went to a car service centre and the foreman said I’d have to pay over RM1,000 to get a new air-con compressor. I imagined flushing the bonus I was going to get three months from now down the toilet. I was speechless, and he gave me his most sympathetic look. Luckily, he asked me to come back the next day, because it was almost closing time.

Nope, this won’t do. It was time to get a second opinion. So, I took Friday afternoon off from work, and went to an automobile air-con service shop not far from home. The whole row of motley car service shops was empty, except for this one. It had like 5 cars and lorries parked all around it, and one shiny red Peugeot parked inside.

At first, the boss ignored me. I thought he couldn’t hear me. After I spoke louder, he told me what I wanted to know – the shop closes at 6pm daily, and yes, he can fix my car before then. So, I hung around. Actually I was standing here and there among the tools and parts strewn all over the blackened oil-soaked cement floor. Then, he finally asked me to start the engine. He popped open the bonnet, and in no time, pronounced that the cooling coil was the culprit. RM400 for an original, he said. Then, more waiting. Sleepy and tired after my auto sauna, I went in and sat on one of the flimsy cheap plastic chairs in front of the one and only desk in the workshop. I was surrounded by compressors and all manner of parts and bits of things.

Then, I don’t know what came over me, but I sat with my left side to the back of the chair, arm over the back. Then I put my head on that arm and went promptly to sleep. What ensued was quite fascinating. Between my bouts of semi-consciousness and total blackness, comparable to a drunken stupor without alcohol, I saw that the boss had started work on my car once I started to snooze. I also noticed through the haze of sleep that the workers and other customers were peering curiously at me. What? Never seen a girl before?

After a while, I moved from the back of the chair to the desk and put my bag on top, then my head on the bag. It was then that the boss came and sat down in front of me.

“Your car’s ready,” he said in his gruff voice. He was smiling, clearly amused.

I said, “Yeah, really?”

He opened the bill book and wrote. His blackened fingers left imprints all over the page. RM230 was his final figure. It wasn’t even the cooling coil. It was just the hose connected to it. I paid up. Wow, what a far cry from RM1,000. I thanked my lucky stars.

I checked the time. It was 4.30 pm. Did I like sleep for half an hour or an hour? Time was kind of fuzzy after I dozed off.