Light and Dark

For July 2016 week 3 of #‎MYWritersPoetryPrompt‬, there were two word prompts, ‘light’ and ‘dark’. I wrote about the co-existence of light and dark, good and evil. This poem is not about the triumph of good over evil, but about how their co-existence makes each appear as they are perceived in the present day – light being the good, and dark being the evil.



Light and Dark

What is light without dark?
What is dark without light?

The light makes the dark
Look dim and dastardly

The dark makes the light
Look bright and beautiful

One without the other
Will lose its power and influence

They are pitted against each other
But each needs the other to thrive

An odd co-existence through the ages
But persists still due to necessity

Khor Hui Min
23 June 2016



Friends by chance

I saw an interesting picture in an impromptu poetry prompt yesterday, and decided to write something about it. I scribbled my poem on a piece of paper and it was ready in 15 minutes. 🙂  Here’s the picture and the poem. 😉


Friends by Chance

Strangers from afar
Chance encounters
Of broken hearts
And hollow souls
Disenchanted minds
Pouring their hearts out
Sharing disappointments
Drowning their sorrows
Discovering kindred spirits
Becoming lifelong friends

Khor Hui Min
19 January 2016



On the fifth day of the A-to-Z Challenge, I thought for hours about what to write for ‘E’. Then I had a chat with a nice friend and at last I got an idea. 🙂  Of course, I had to submit my first assignment for the 10 Premodern Poems by Women course at Stanford University today. So, I managed to submit that first before I posted my write-up for ‘E’. You can see the listing of all free online public courses at Stanford University here.

Today’s write-up is not an article, but a poem. I love writing poems in all manner of styles, but today’s poem is in free verse. Hope you like it. 😉

E for Epiphany


To find beauty in every object
And every living thing
Such is the wonder of life worth living
To see the silver lining on every grey cloud
The beauty of a tropical storm
To see past the illusions of grandeur
To delight in the morning dew and rising sun
Such is a life worth living

An original poem by
Khor Hui Min
7 April 2015

Autumn in Mt. Meili National Park (October 2013)
Autumn in Mt. Meili National Park, Shangri-La, Yunnan Province, China (October 2013)

In Between

Today I am experimenting with a different way of presenting my poems. I hope that it will improve the look and feel of the poems, and make them more attractive and interesting to read. 🙂

Tonight, while dutifully undertaking my 5km evening walk (too tired to jog today), I thought of writing this poem. It is about the world of imagination, the realm of the seen and unseen, which always piques the curiosity.

Background: Abstract photo taken with Samsung mobile phone.
Background: Abstract photo taken with my Samsung mobile phone.


This is the fifth poem in my social commentary series. The theme for this poem is unity in diversity. Prejudice and discrimination are concepts which should be relegated to history, as in the past. Let the future hold the promise for a better world, where people are not discriminated against because they are the minority, look different, have different beliefs, are of a different social status, and so on.


A world that does not
Look at one’s colour

Communities without boundaries
Not limited by their prejudices

That our strength lies in diversity
Not in discrimination against minority

That one’s neighbours
Are friends and kindred spirits

Humanity as one big family
Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers

Tolerance as acceptance of differences
Embracing and unifying in harmony

Don’t try to classify people
According to one’s perception
Wouldn’t the world be a better place?


An original poem by
Khor Hui Min
5 August 2014


Is the only constant
In our lives
Every single day

Is inevitable
As the sun rises and sets
As certain as the stars

Is Unpredictable
And unavoidable
Woven into the fabric of time

Permeates the universe
From the tiniest particle
To the largest constellation

Embrace it like an old friend
Accept the thrilling challenges
Welcome the opportunities
Live like there’s no tomorrow


An original poem by
Khor Hui Min
23 July 2014