Man’s Best Friend

I went for a morning walk today, and along the way, I met two dogs. The two males were friendly. They came up to me. I offered them my hand. They each smelled it, then gave it a lick. That meant they liked me. I pet each on the head, then went on my way. However, they started to follow me, especially the white and brown one, who walked beside me, downhill and uphill again. In fact, he sent me home, all the way to my doorstep. Such a sweet doggy. So this morning’s poem is dedicated to my new-found friends. 🙂

Little dogs sleeping at our boutique guest house in Old Town Baisha, Yunnan Province, China (13 October 2013)
Little dogs sleeping at our boutique guest house in Old Town Baisha, Yunnan Province, China (13 October 2013)

Man’s best friend

Eloquently expressive eyes
Never wanting to say goodbye
Fluffy fur, so velvety soft
As soft as the sheets in my loft
Adoration so endearing
Looking forward to seeing
Skipping and running, round and round
As if I let him out of the pound
Coming home every day
To love at the doorstep, named Jay

Khor Hui Min
24 August 2015


Divine Harmony

Determined to embark on a poetic writing spree, I wrote another poem today, the first day of the Malaysian Writers Group Writers Retreat. This poem is about one of my favourite musical instruments – the harp.

Tulipmania @ Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Divine Harmony

Celestial strings, together enclosed
In a poised frame, elegantly composed
Plucking of strings, vibration produced
Exquisite tune, calming nature induced
Stressed and frazzled nerves, truly soothe
By turns trilling, lilting, soft or smooth
Mesmerizing rhythmic melody
Listeners bound in utter rhapsody
Music not unlike the tinkling of bells
Divine harmony, a welcome spell

Khor Hui Min
23 August 2015


Today is the first day of the Malaysian Writers FB group’s first-ever writing retreat. We were super excited when Tan Sri Navaratnam graciously let us use his Nava’s Retreat for our programme. We hope to make our writers retreat an annual or biannual affair.

The first piece I wrote this morning was inspired by the rainforest all around us. It is aptly entitled ‘Rainforest’.



Undulating hills and valleys of green
Many millions of seasons have you been
Blanketing the earth with your soothing shade
Without which many would wither and fade
Provider of nourishment and shelter
Protector of many; they all matter
With your generous grace, we have survived
Conquered, diversified, flourished and thrived
With sincere hope, your mist-shrouded glory
Will survive for millions more years, surely

Khor Hui Min
23 August 2015

Dance of the Sea

It has been a really busy week. The short story submission deadline for the D.K. Dutt Memorial Award for Literary Excellence was yesterday (Friday). The word limit was 3,000 words, and I only started writing it on Wednesday. So, I dutifully added on to the story for two evenings, scrambling to wrap up the story hours before the deadline. But finish it, I did. And submitted, I definitely did. 🙂  I think of it as practice. Writing out ideas and expressing them, translating them from thoughts to concrete words, sentences and paragraphs. It is an organic process that I have come to enjoy. It is practice. If it gets selected to be included in the anthology, then great. If it wins me a prize, then fantastic. If not, then better luck next time.

Today, I just realised that I had not written the poem for this week’s Malaysian Writers FB group yet. The word prompt: ‘dance’. So here it is… hope you like it. 🙂

Tulipmania @ Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Dance of the Sea

A marvel of beauty and grace
In a garment of liquid lace
Expressive pirouettes; unfaltering
Enraptured in melody; pleasing
Existing only for the moment
In an intoxicating sea of movement
Living only to dance; shrouded in song
Where muses and sirens belong
Rhythmic figures of the deep
The ensemble that never sleeps

A lyric poem by
Khor Hui Min
1 August 2015