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Soil is everywhere, beneath your shoes, under your car, hidden under buildings and houses. It is something so ubiquitous that we take it for granted, but without soil, we would have no food and no environment. An indispensable part of … Continue reading

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A Time to Celebrate Volunteerism

I wrote an article for the July 2017 issue of the Pencinta Alam, the national newsletter of the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) on the recent Volunteer Appreciation Day, organised by the Selangor Branch of MNS. The article is published on … Continue reading

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Take Me Back to the Ocean

In my 15th post for the  Blogging A to Z Challenge, I wrote a poem on one of my favourite subjects – the ocean. It was a source of inspiration for me in my earliest poems, around 1997-2000. O is for … Continue reading

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Beacon & Field

I just came back from a 10-day trip to Taiwan last Friday, and returned with over 820 photos taken with my trusty Canon 60D. I just love the photos taken with this camera, and the fast shutter speed is just awesome. I’m … Continue reading

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Fiery orbs of fire

I saw some beautiful photos of reptiles and amphibians that my friend took today. One particular photo of a tiny frog with bright fiery eyes (featured below) caught my imagination. The photo and the Malaysian Writers FB page writing prompt … Continue reading

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My second poem published :)

I started this blog to encourage myself to write. What’s the difference between writing on a notepad and typing it out in a blog post, you might wonder? Well, for starters, my handwriting is awful. 🙂 Secondly, having a piece of … Continue reading

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The first poem published since I started this blog :)

When I started this blog, my main intention was to encourage myself to write creative pieces regularly. However, I also hoped that these pieces would be published one day. So, I am glad to say that I have published the first … Continue reading

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I have always liked the sun. Of course, there are times I wished it did not shine so very brightly at the most inappropriate moments, like when I am hiking up a hill on an exposed trail and forgot to bring … Continue reading

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