Moo Moo Moon

Today, I thought I’d do something lighthearted and fun for a change – a bedtime story for preschoolers. Hope you get a good laugh from it. 🙂


Moo Moo Moon


Billy was a naughty little cow.

One day, he looked outside his garden.

There was a nice meadow beyond.

He wanted to eat the juicy grass there.

He asked Mama Cow, “Can I go to the meadow to eat the juicy grass?”

“Which meadow?” Mama Cow asked.

“The one next to the oak trees,” Billy replied.

“Oh, no. You can’t eat the grass there, Billy,” said Mama Cow. She had a serious look on her face.

“Why not, mama?” Billy did not want to give up yet.

“The grass will give you gas. You will be very bloated,” replied Mama Cow.

Billy did not believe his mother.

“But, mama…” pleaded Billy.

“Mama knows best. Now go to bed. It’s late,” replied Mama Cow in a final tone.

Billy got ready for bed. He climbed into bed and snuggled under the blankets.

Mama Cow kissed him good night. She switched off the lights and closed the door.

Bill waited for a while, until he was sure his mother was gone.

Then, he got out of bed and opened the window. He climbed outside carefully.

He crept silently across the garden. Then, he climbed over the fence.

It was dark. It took him a while, but he finally got to the meadow.

The grass looked so green and juicy in the moonlight.

He took a mouthful and chewed slowly. It was delicious.

Then, he took another mouthful… and another… and another…

He had never eaten such tasty grass.

At last, he was full. But he felt more than full. He felt he was getting bloated.

He touched his stomach. It was round like a balloon. He was full of gas!

He got rounder… and rounder… and rounder.

He started to feel light. He was standing on his toes.

Then he floated off the ground! He could not believe it!

Slowly, he floated higher… and higher… and higher… until he could see the house and the garden. Then, the meadow and the oak trees. At last, he even saw the hill and the river beyond.

Billy floated higher... and higher... and higher...
Billy floated higher… and higher… and higher…

On a clear night, one can still see him high above the meadow and the hills.

He became known as Moo Moo Moon. He was round and white like the moon, with little black spots.

Do you think he ever came down again?


An original children’s story by
Khor Hui Min
24 July 2014