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Soil is everywhere, beneath your shoes, under your car, hidden under buildings and houses. It is something so ubiquitous that we take it for granted, but without soil, we would have no food and no environment. An indispensable part of … Continue reading

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A Time to Celebrate Volunteerism

I wrote an article for the July 2017 issue of the Pencinta Alam, the national newsletter of the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) on the recent Volunteer Appreciation Day, organised by the Selangor Branch of MNS. The article is published on … Continue reading

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For #MYWriters weekly poetry prompt last week (26 October 2016), the challenge was to write a haiku inspired by the word ‘tear’. I wrote a haiku about rain, which are the ‘tears from heaven’. Rain Tears fall from the sky Blessing … Continue reading

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#atozchallenge: B is for Bukit Gasing

For my second post for the Blogging A to Z Challenge, I am writing a piece on Bukit Gasing, which is a favourite hiking place for residents of Petaling  Jaya. B for Bukit Gasing In the Malay  language, ‘bukit’ is the … Continue reading

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A terrible shame

For week #65 of Haiku Horizons, the word prompt was ‘shame’. I thought of the destruction of nature for personal and economic gains. Haiku Horizons will provide a haiku prompt each Sunday. A terrible shame A terrible shame The destruction of nature … Continue reading

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Today, I wrote a poem about clouds for the Malaysian Writers FB Group writing prompt. It is an acrostic poem where the first letter of each line in the poem spells out the word CLOUD. I was also in the mood to draw, which … Continue reading

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Magpie, magpie, voice so sweet

Today, I thought I would do something lighthearted for a change – a poem in the style of a nursery rhyme. 🙂 This poem actually has a background story. LOL. It is about a frustrated gardener who wonders where the … Continue reading

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Darkness, a velvety blanket Silent and ominous Punctuated by cicadas and crickets Slumbering were the boisterous Birds and monkeys Curled up in dreams wondrous Absent was the buzzing of bees Industrious in their collection Of pollen and nectar; flying carefree … Continue reading

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Nature’s path

Winding through forests Pleasant surprise at each bend We are happy guests   An original haiku by Khor Hui Min 22 July 2014

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