Floating in the Sea

I’ve always loved water. So, I naturally love the sea and all its mystical and magical qualities. Our cradle of life, it teems with biological diversity from the shallows to the cavernous abyss. Its mysteries continue to amaze and confound us till this day.

This week’s Haiku Horizon’s word prompt is ‘float’, so I thought about floating in the sea, which is something I like to do on a sunny day when the sea is calm.


Floating in the sea

Floating in the sea
Eavesdropping on sea creatures
Warm sun on my face

Khor Hui Min
7 September 2015


Take Me Back to the Ocean

In my 15th post for the  Blogging A to Z Challenge, I wrote a poem on one of my favourite subjects – the ocean. It was a source of inspiration for me in my earliest poems, around 1997-2000.

O is for Ocean

Take Me Back to the Ocean

Take me back to the ocean
To the womb where Earth’s life sprung
To mingle with fish, turtles and cetaceans
In their home, from near to reaches far-flung

I yearn for the blue ocean
Filled with olden secrets profound
Always transforming; ever in motion
Its cycles are tied to our existence, all round

I dream of the turquoise ocean
The caressing of its waters a comfort
The sound of its rolling waves, a calming potion
Relaxing every fibre of my being without effort

I long for the waves of the ocean
Crashing and foaming on the soft, sandy beaches
Crabs drawn to the ebbing tides without volition
Along with a host of other little creatures

We gain so much from the ocean
Nourishment, subsistence, livelihood
So much it has provided through evolution
An integral part of the world’s neighbourhood

Indomitable, yet fragile, our ocean
So much we have harvested, gained from it
But so much we have exploited, without caution
Every year, every month, every day, every minute

What is to become of our dear, beloved ocean
Its delicate balance wrought from times prehistoric
An empty cesspool devoid of life; is there a solution?
Rein in profit-hungry polluters and educate the public

An original poem by
Khor Hui Min
18 April 2015

Ma'Daerah Beach, Terengganu
Ma’Daerah Beach, Terengganu