Inspire & Loss

For week #48 of Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge, the word prompts are ‘inspire’ and ‘loss’. These two words led me to daydream (at 10p.m. at night, no less) about a story where a woman suffered a great loss that affected her deeply, causing a profound change in her beliefs and life’s purpose. She was inspired to change her direction and vocation from a life dedicated to purely materialistic pursuits to being more concerned and caring about society.

Frangipani trees are everywhere

Frangipani trees in Legian, Bali

Inspire & Loss

Her tremendous loss
Inspired her to choose her life
Serving greater good

Khor Hui Min
10 June 2015


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Freelance writer. Poet. Blogger. Facepainter. Potter. Photographer. Shutterstock contributor. You can follow me @MinKhor.
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6 Responses to Inspire & Loss

  1. Beautiful haiku. Sometimes a great loss is what it takes for us to realize the errors of our ways. It’s a sad reality.

  2. Serins says:

    Beautiful. 🙂

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  4. marjma2014 says:

    Very thoughtful haiku, really enjoyed it. 🙂

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